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Kischka "Fin a groisser buch!"

Homemade sausage with mushroom sauce
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Potato pancakes are shallow-fried, made from ground potato, flour and egg,...
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"A scheine elzale"

Classic Jewish dish, stuffed chicken "neck"
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Chicken liver flambé "Amehaya!"

Fried chicken liver with onion, spices and chef's sаuce
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Esik-fleisch "A zai ur of mir!"

sweet and sour beef by my mother's recipe
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Gefilte Fish "Mein bobeles tam!"

Gefilte fish made from different types of fish, such as carp, whitefish...
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Lamb shank "Az veiz mein fisale"

Our chief’s special! Baked lamb shank under our own sauce
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Poperechka "Mein tates balebte!"

Boiled beef brisket with buckwheat and beans